About Me

I am a tenacious young journalist dedicated to telling stories that matter.

Based in South Carolina.

What I bring to the table:


  • Knowledge of the science of climate change through my internship with BC3 Climate Change Research Centre in Leioa, Spain
  • Experience with the energy sector through my work as a marketing intern for the Clemson Energy Visualization & Analytics Center, where I gained knowledge of data analysis and methods for monitoring carbon emissions and other sustainability metrics
  • Experience working on a renewable energy campaign through my internship with the 100% Committed campaign at The Climate Reality Project
  • Familiarity with carbon neutrality targets through my leadership of a carbon neutrality campaign at Clemson University


  • Experience researching and reporting on a variety of important topics, including international climate negotiations, eating disorders, campus sexual assault, the pandemic, free speech, and voting in the 2020 presidential election
  • Training in news and feature writing through an advanced news writing class at Clemson University as well as reporting experience at The Tiger News and WhoWhatWhy.org
  • Experience with data journalism through a story about repetitive flooding in Charleston, South Carolina


      • Experience managing social media, including Instagram and Facebook
      • Familiarity with social media data & analytics
      • Experience writing marketing plans, creating marketing strategies, and producing digital content for a variety of online platforms
      • Knowledge of target marketing and reaching specific audiences


      • Experience living and working with an indigenous community on the frontlines of the climate crisis through my internship with Kallari Chocolates, a farmers’ association in the Amazon region of Ecuador
      • Background in marketing and social media through my Bachelor of Marketing from Clemson University and several marketing and social media-focused internships
      • Conversational Spanish speaking ability through eight years of study and cultural immersion in Ecuador and Spain