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In Charleston, Floods Become a Fact of Life

Sharon Richardson moved to Charleston, SC, with her three daughters to pursue a job in coastal conservation.

“[It] was a really good, safe place,” she thought, after finding a new home on James Island, south of downtown, with a high school nearby that seemed like a perfect fit for her daughters.

Of course, Richardson knew the area was experiencing more flooding as a result of climate change and that the problem would only worsen, but she took the gamble, reasoning that the house was newly constructed and elevated to let floodwaters flow through the garage.

At COP26, Nations Still Have to Do the Heavy Lifting to Mitigate Climate Change

World leaders have come and gone from the much anticipated international climate conference in Glasgow. While they announced some significant commitments to combat the climate crisis, the devil is always in the details. Negotiators must now hammer out the specifics that will determine if COP26 will be written into history as a success or failure.

“The first week of COP26 has resulted in a lot of promises to curb the climate crisis,” said Brian Wygal...